OPAL Changing Lives

Services – Sport and Leisure

There are numerous sports and leisure activities out there and all of them, if you are to be successful require the same things.

• Training and coaching to be able to technically understand and play your sport or leisure activity.
• Willingness to learn Desire to improve.
• Enjoyment of your chosen activity.

The services provided by Denise at OPAL-Changing Lives won’t train you in the skill you might require, but they will help you overcome the negative mind-set that is stopping you from being the best you can be.

So whether you are:

• A golfer who believes they can’t use a driver, chip or putt
• A swimmer who is frightened of water
• A walker who is frightened of heights
• A musician who believes their instrument of choice is too difficult to learn
• A performer who suffers from stage nerves

Or you are involved in any other sports or leisure activities where you lack belief in your abilities – Contact Denise now to see how she can help.